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Alpha Four & Alpha Five Empower the End-Users

With Alpha Four or Alpha Five, the end user can do more with the creation of a database application than any other database available. Whether it's small changes in a report, a database import or export, or even changes in the field's definition's and rules, an end user can do many of these functions.

With the scripting languages in both products, an end-user can even go further. And the scripting capability virtually eliminates any limitation in the hands of a power user or competent consultant!


Ira J. Perlow started the consulting firm of Computer Systems Design & Associates in 1984 to provide IBM PC Compatibility to manufacturers of IBM compatible hardware. Through his consulting firm, Mr. Perlow was the original author of the Phoenix Technologies PC, XT and AT ROM BIOSes, one of the key components that started the PC Clone industry. He was also electrical designer of the main motherboard and architect of the AST's first system box, the AST 286 Premium (the 1st 10 Mhz, 0 wait state 286 system), as well as many other 386 and 486 motherboard designs for the industry. He has also created many low-level I/O drivers for embedded computers, most notably Lexicon's PCM-80 Digital Audio Processor & Reverb.

How Alpha Four was Originally Used

Computer Systems Design used Alpha Software's database product internally for Electronic Design Rule Checking and other needs, since Alpha's early beginnings in 1987. It was a product that made development of specialized database applications much faster and easier than Dbase or FoxPro. When a more complete programming macro language was added in Alpha Four Version 2, Computer Systems Design offered Alpha database consulting to others in the industry at large.

Computer Systems Design's
First Alpha Four Commercial Product

In June of 1995, Computer Systems Design & Associates released the Alpha Four On-Line Toolbox and Reference Guide, developed by Ira J. Perlow. This add-on to Alpha Software's Alpha Four Version 6 product, is being distributed by Computer Systems Design (and was formerly distributed by Alpha Software). Alpha Four & Alpha Five Databases (available from Alpha Software Corporation )

In 1999, CSD & A released DateAdjust, a routine for providing Y2K true compliance  for Alpha 4.

In December 2006, the CSDA Code Utility for Alpha 5 was released.  This provides an enhanced Alpha 5 development environment

Q & A Editor for Alpha Forum Magazine

In June 1992, Mr. Perlow began writing articles and tips for Alpha Forum Magazine (A technical journal dedicated to Alpha Software's database products). In September 1992 he became it's Q & A column editor, and continued through September of 1997.

Other Services

Computer Systems Design & Associates offers a variety of services, including BIOS and low-level driver code development, electronic digital design, Alpha database design, development and training, web page construction, and tuning of network (and standalone) system configurations for optimal performance.

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