CSDA Barcoding Functions
(for Alpha Five)

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Current version 1.12 - 23 September 2012

Use the CSDA Bar Coding functions! 
Isn’t it time you stop wasting your time?

The CSDA Barcode Functions Code Utility
is an AEX library add-in/add-on that

 was designed to provide
built in, integrated use of barcodes and barcode scanners
in Alpha Five applications.

Barcode Generation Test Dialog Barcode Scan Tester
Barcode Generation Test Dialog Barcode Scan Tester

You only need to provide a windows barcode font!
It works with Alpha Five Version 6 and up

CSDA Bar Code Functions Self-Installer (self-installer exe - includes pdf documentation - installs to all A5 version 6 and up)
CSDA Bar Code Functions Zip  (zip version - includes above documentation - requires unzipping and installing AEX library. See documentation for more details.
CSDA Bar Code Function Documentation Acrobat pdf documentation file
Dobson Freeware Site  for Code 128 Font Site contains a freeware Code 128 font.  Suggested donation. Set flags to mapping "3" when using CSDA_Barcode's Barcode_C128() function


Price is $100 for a developer copy, $200 for each WAS (Web application Server) and $50 for each 10 runtime users.  Online purchase coming soon.

If you have immediate needs for distribution, please contact us at 


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