Computer Systems Design & Associates is a consulting firm started to provide PC Compatible expertise to the industry. The firm has been in existence since 1984. Areas of consulting services include:

Alpha Forum Magazine
The president of Computer Systems Design & Associates is Ira J. Perlow. He was the Q & A column editor for Alpha Forum Magazine from 1992-1997, a technical journal on Alpha Software's Alpha 4 & Alpha 5 Database Products. The magazine is no longer published. 

Ira J. Perlow was a featured speaker at the Alpha Masters Seminar on February 14th-16th, 1997 in Houston Texas.

He also hosted the first 2 Alpha 5 Developer's Conferences in 2000 and 2002 in Burlington, MA and has been a speaker at all Alpha 5 Conferences.

Key Work & Products of Computer Systems Design

  • Dec 2006 - CSDA Code Utility for Alpha 5 released
  • Dec 2005 - NetworkOpt product released for hel
  • Mar 2002 Hosted the 2nd Alpha 5 Developer's Conference in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
  • Dec 2000 Hosted the 1st Alpha 5 Developer's Conference in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
  • 1997 Release of DateAdjust product to bring Year 2000 Compliancy to Alpha Four Version 3 and later
  • 1995 Release of the Alpha Four Toolbox and On-Line Reference Guide for Alpha Four Version 6 (distributed by Computer Systems Design & Alpha Software Corporation)
  • 1993 Design of Lexicon's PCM-80 Digital Audio Processor's Embedded Boot code and low level I/O handler.
  • 1988-1992 Design of Passive backplane 386, 486 Clone Motherboards including the Unisys 516 PC
  • 1986 Design of AST's 286 Premium Computer's Motherboard which launched their entire systems line (previously AST was strictly a plug-in card manufacturer). This was the 1st 10 Mhz AT Computer to have 0 wait state memory.
  • 1984-1985 Original Authorship of the Phoenix Technologies's PC, XT and AT ROM BIOSes - One of the key components that started the PC Clone Industry