CSDA DiagInfo
(for Alpha Five)

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Current version 1.39 - 30 April 2013

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The CSDA DiagInfo Utility
is a FREE, for individual (personal or commercial)
AEX library add-in/add-on
 was designed to display and return diagnostic data about
the Hardware, Software and Alpha Five environments
for debugging and diagnostic analysis 
in Alpha Five applications.
(works with Alpha Five Version 6 and up)

The CSDA DiagInfo reports on Alpha Five info including:
  • Workstation info
  • Windows info and location settings
  • User Account Control setting
  • Opportunistic Locking settings
  • Motherboard info
  • CPU Info
  • Memory info
  • BIOS info
  • Writeable Drives info
  • Alpha Five Version info
  • Alpha Five folders info
  • Alpha Five libraries (AEX) info
  • Alpha Five Feature Pack info
  • Alpha Five Speed Info
  • QReportBuilder info
  • Alpha Five Current Database info
  • Alpha Five Web Project info
  • Alpha Five Windows info
  • Database application Master/Shadow (Network Optimization) info
  • CSDA Code Utility settings
  • Table/Set info
  • Last Code Error info
  • Global Code object counts
  • Basic A5 timing info
  • Boot timing Info
  • Key A5 Database Properties and Settings
  • Windows Caching settings

CSDA DiagInfo Self-Installer (self-installer exe - includes pdf documentation - installs to all A5 version 6 and up)
CSDA DiagInfo Zip  (zip version - includes above documentation - requires unzipping and installing AEX library. See documentation for more details.
CSDA DiagInfo Documentation Acrobat pdf documentation file


Purchasing for distributing to end users with your products and branding is not yet available.  It is free for individual (personal or business) download and use, but may not be distributed without permission. The Licensed version returns the diagnostic data for use in XBasic coding, as well as allowing your own email and website buttons on the dialog. If you have immediate needs for distribution, please contact us at 


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