CSDA Code Utility
(for Alpha Five)

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Current version 2.72b - 29 October 2013

Version 2.72b makes updates to install to support A5V12, as well as a few improvements to other code.
The next released version will make significant improvements to many code checking and code handling routines, and will support right an improved menu interface.
Use the CSDA Code Utility! 
Isn’t it time you stop wasting your time?

The CSDA Code Utility is an add-in/add-on that
 was designed to save
any Alpha Five database developer,
novice or advanced,
desktop or web server side
code or non-code writer,

time in Alpha Five application development.

If you are an advanced end-user that operates
from Alpha Five's Control Panel, it will help you too!

It works with Alpha Five Version 6 and up

>>Demonstration Video (flash, 14 minutes)<<

If you'd like to try it, request a free trial license!
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The newest & most significant time
saving feature since Desktop Restore!

"Code Jump"  (screen shot)
This allows CSDA Code Utility Pro users to open up or jump to, in design mode, any object having the same name as the word at the current cursor in the code editor.

Normally, when you reference a function, form, operation, table, set etc. in your XBasic code, and want to change that referenced item, you normally have to
  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Change the Control Panel tab to object type
  3. Scroll down
  4. Find the entry
  5. Select it
  6. Click design
....or with the CSDA Code Utility - 1 click and you are there!
(Now repeat 200 times a day!)

The CSDA Code Utility - Standard version
has several time-saving features

(for those who develop any application in Alpha Five database)

Save and Restore Alpha Five Desktops – This remembers each Alpha Five session window, whether it is in view or design modes, the Code Editor tabs and all text in the Interactive window, and the cursor position of all Code Editor tabs. It also remembers the current record being displayed for each open form or browse. The next time the database is opened, that database's windows are all restored automatically.  You can also save alternative desktops for each database to allow different Alpha Five window setups for various needs.

And if you crash Alpha Five often (not a typical occurence of Alpha, typically just from 1 problem to solve, or from interfacing to Windows API or Active X controls which are often less than documented), or just need to restart, 1 click closes and reopens Alpha, restoring your environment and saving a tremendous amount of time restoring your setup. And even if you don't need to restart Alpha Five, it still saves the hassle of setting up your development environment each time you start Alpha Five.
Provides quick backup of data dictionaries, and optionally, data (even if currently being shared). This allows you to restore an earlier code version in case you "mess" up your application (so typical during development!).
Alpha Five windows navigation
Add menu buttons for other 3rd party utilities and your own tools
Library Maker "LIBMAKE" creates Xbasic AEX compiled libraries automatically from the entire adb or subsets.  Code directives allow you to specify which global scripts or function will be included in a way that guarantees all needed code is included for a specific compile.

The CSDA Code Utility - Pro version
has all of the above features and also

(for those developing in Xbasic or Action
Basic and/or needing development logging)

To run the program, download the Self-Installer or Zip versions and install
To use the program, you must have one of the following
Any other use will operate in a "Limited mode"

CSDA Code Utility Self-Installer (self-installer exe - includes pdf documentation - installs to all A5 version 6 and up)
CSDA Code Utility Program Zip  (zip version - includes above documentation - requires unzipping and running A5 to open installation database. See documentation for more details.
CSDA Code Utility Documentation Acrobat pdf documentation file
CSDA Code Utility Demonstration 14 minute Flash demonstration video

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