Computer Systems Design & Associates
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Waltham, MA 02451-2185

Phone: (781)891-9764
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Computer Systems Design & Associates is a consulting firm to provide PC Compatible expertise to the industry. The firm has been in existence since 1984. Areas of consulting services include:


CSD & A provides 3rd Party development tools for Alpha Five as well as executable libraries for use with Alpha Five.  Key products include;

CSDA also has available a few older tools for the DOS based Alpha Four.  See here


Alpha Five and Alpha Four support is generally provided by Phone, e-mail and remote access (via UltraVNC (free GNU Software) and similar).  Onsite support is available as needed. Support is billed in 15 minute intervals, minimum time is 15 minutes plus expenses at current rates. Payment methods must be determined in advance. For additional long-term support, please inquire via E-mail, phone or mail.

Special Services: 

All rates are subject to change.

Key Industry Quotes and References Links
by Computer Systems Design

"Alpha Software is 10 Times More Efficient than ASP or PHP!" - Video of Ira J. Perlow describing the advantages of Alpha Five over alternatives to Web Databases

"The Invisible Edge: Taking your stategy to the next level using Intellectual Property", 2009 Page 212-213 by Mark Blaxill, Ralph Eckard - Book describes intellectual property, the process of the clean-room environment used when Ira J. Perlow wrote the original Phoenix BIOS (PC, XT and AT versions) as a consultant to Phoenix Technologies (Phoenix Software at the time) of Norwood, MA from May 1984 to May 1985.

"Letters to the editor", PC World, Volume 19, Issues 10-12 Page 39

"Cracking IBM's code opened floodgates", USA Today July 17, 1986, Page 48

"Developers Say They've Bought Intel 386 Board",
Infoworld Sep 1 1986 Page 5

"Committee proposes 80386 bus standards",
Computerworld Oct 6 1986 Page 6

Mini-Micro Systems, Volume 19, 1986, Page 83

Computer Design, Volume 26, 1987, Page 32

Key Work & Products
of Computer Systems Design

  • October 2011 - Released 1st version of CSDA DiagInfo Utility to report  Hardware, Windows and Alpha Five configurations and bug reporting classification
  • December 2009 - Released 1st version of the CSDA Screen Capture for Alpha Five
  • July 2009 - Released 1st version of CSDA Barcoding Functions for Alpha Five
  • November 2006 - Released 1st version of the CSDA Code Utility for Alpha Five
  • Mar 2002 Hosted the 2nd Alpha Five Developer's Conference in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
  • Dec 2000 Hosted the 1st Alpha Five Developer's Conference in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
  • 1997 Release of DateAdjust product to bring Year 2000 Compliancy to Alpha Four Version 3 and later
  • 1995 Release of the Alpha Four Toolbox and On-Line Reference Guide for Alpha Four Version 6 (distributed by Computer Systems Design & Alpha Software Corporation)
  • 1993 Design of Lexicon's PCM-80 Digital Audio Processor's Embedded Boot code and low level I/O handler.
  • 1988-1992 Design of Passive backplane 386, 486 Clone Motherboards including the Unisys 516 PC
  • 1986 Design of AST's 286 Premium Computer's Motherboard which launched their entire systems line (previously AST was strictly a plug-in card manufacturer). This was the 1st 10 Mhz AT Computer to have 0 wait state memory.
  • 1984-1985 Original Authorship of the Phoenix Technologies's PC, XT and AT ROM BIOSes - One of the key components that started the PC Clone Industry

    Alpha Forum Magazine
    The president of Computer Systems Design & Associates is Ira J. Perlow. He was the Q & A column editor for Alpha Forum Magazine from 1992-1997, a technical journal on Alpha Software's Alpha 4 & Alpha 5 Database Products. The magazine is no longer published.


    Ira J. Perlow was a featured speakers at the Alpha Masters Seminar on February 14th-16th, 1997 in Houston Texas.

    He also hosted the first 2 Alpha Five Developer's Conferences in 2000 and 2002 in Burlington, MA and has been a speaker at most Alpha Five Conferences.